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DIY Chain Drop Earrings 

Just by looking at these earrings, you would never imagine that I made them from two black paper clips, silver and black beads, and a necklace that I cut in half.  I love the look of the chains, they lead the eyes down the neck, a subtle way of showing a little skin.  They also look very chic and edgy, or classy, depending on what you pair them with!

How to create these earrings:

1.  Straighten the paper clips just enough to create a triangle shape.  

2.  String beads onto the paper clip, as many as desired.  (You may need to straighten the paper clips even more, depending on the hole size of the beads)

3.  Cut the necklace exactly in half.

4.  Use the end links of the chains to string them onto the paper clip, one link on each side.

5.  String an earring hook onto the top of the paper clip triangle.

6.  Close the triangle and use pliers to bend over the ends to prevent anything from falling off.

Any fresh DIY ideas?  Message me on the “ASK” tab above. 


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